Noah’s Ark is gearing up for 2012!!

Winter Ministry has kicked off and we have had ALOT of traffic through our front doors today, Jan 2!!! Lots of activities are started or beginning in the next week or two so come on down and check it out. We are taking reservations for retreats for the coming summer and finalizing our summer Two by Two crew for 2012. We have some Spring Break work teams coming in and will be with Blue Lake Camp at the SEJ UM Camp and Retreat Leaders conference this month. We have some other ministries we will be rolling out and partnering with as the year unfolds. Stay posted for news here.


Booking retreats and mission trips for Spring Break and Summer 2012!

Give us a call or send a email to

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Winter Program has begun for 2011-2012!
Give us a call at 850-235-7801 for more info or email to

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Summer Ministry Winter Ministry
Youth Retreat Facilities Daily Activities for Snowbirds, locals, anyone who would like to be involved

In addition to these seasonal activities the Ark reaches out to those in need with crisis ministries through out the year.

Since 1973, Noah’s Ark has existed to make God’s Presence known to everyone who passes along Front Beach Road on Panama City Beach, FL. Thousands of people across the globe have experienced God’s Love at Noah’s Ark. Many youth group leaders who came to Noah’s ark as a youth have later brought the youth groups they lead to Noah’s Ark to experience what they did decades prior. Second Generation retired age children of former winter visitors now participate in our winter activities.